In today's media driven society there's a tendency to think that giving lip service to something can take the place of actually doing something; as if talk equaled action. Parking lots are named after the natural sights they paved over. And some of the biggest and well known "customer engagement" agencies talk about user experience but sacrifice the practice when it counts, in order to increase their margins. Clients believe the big agency hype when they are pitched "customer engagement" and user experience, but since they generally don't know what UX deliverables they are missing it's an easy step for agencies to skip.

Advertising agencies had their hay day in the age of madmen when creative teams were admired and respected. The margin obsession of today's big agencies makes them view all talent as interchangeable resources - leaving truly talented teams unable to stay together and develop. While art and copy teams were the driving influence in the madmen era, in the digital era it is UX, Art & copy teams that are needed for truly outstanding results. Today creative teams are handicapped and talented UX designers eventually move on to more specialized firms or product focused companies, where they are used and valued. 

The dilemma facing clients that need to compete and win in the digital space is how to see through the big agency hype and find experienced and integrated creative teams with agency knowledge and the needed mix of UX, Art and Copy. The trick is finding experienced agency teams that have managed to stick together and escape the monolith walls to venture out on their own. 

UX&ART is a seasoned agency team, truly integrated with user experience, art and copy that has won numerous awards in the agency space and succeeded in breaking free of the big agency confines. Clients now have an opportunity to actually get what agencies promise without the overhead and expense they deliver. Amanda Rutheny and Tom Schneider have worked together for over 7 years in the agency setting delivering integrated UX, Art and Copy for clients across multiple industry groups; from consumer goods to healthcare. They are now UX&Art, and they’re ready to serve you!